About Us


Tortorelli Creations, was founded by Modern Liturgy Visual Arts national award winner, Jefferson Tortorelli.

"Jeff Tortorelli is a visionary and master craftsman. His use of fine woods, metal and stone, coupled with extraordinary mechanical and engineering skills, enable him to faithfully envision and execute works that are innovative and exciting."

—  Fr. Bill Moore, SS.CC.

Jeff is a liturgical artist whose work focuses exclusively on pieces used in community worship spaces. Jeff’s grandfather was a master carpenter and his father a master machinist. These two people both had a special relationship with wood and metal. They had the knowledge and the touch to work them into beautiful pieces of art. From them, Jeff developed the love and the skills to create. More importantly, they taught him, “If you can create something in your mind, you can create that piece with the most fitting medium.” At the age of five, he built his first bookcase, and the journey of a lifetime began. His designs are executed in wood, metal and stone. Age-old techniques of joinery are employed – eliminating the need for glue or mechanical fasteners. All finishes are a special blend of oils developed centuries ago, which invite the touch of your hand.

“I have been truly blessed in my life – I am able to create with my mind and hands pieces that will be used in the worship space of a community. I cannot think of a more rewarding endeavor.” - Jeff Tortorelli

When Jeff is commissioned to create a piece of liturgical art for a community, he studies the physical site, the parish community, and searches out the stories and feelings behind both. His liturgical art is unique in that he is able to create pieces that have spiritual meaning – a Presider’s chair can be welcoming, and an Ambo that will convey the feeling of strength found in the Word of God. Jeff maintains his studio in El Monte, California.