Design Process


We endeavor to design furnishings that are unique to your community, corporation or worship space. In the case of a corporation, we follow the design direction of the ownership/designers. In the designing for worship communities, we incorporate your stories of faith and traditions.

We begin the process by discussions with the person or committee charged with design selection and approval. From these initial discussions, you are provided with renderings showing the design line we think addresses your desires and ideas.

These three dimensional renderings are extremely helpful as you will view the furnishings as they would look in real life.

With your input and review of the initial designs, we are able to proceed in a timely fashion with revisions that address any changes or ideas that you may have. We firmly believe that the more involved our clients are in the design process, the more relevance your furnishings will possess.

We strive to design and build pieces that will be all inclusive and functional for worshippers of all ages and abilities.