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We feature custom designed liturgical furnishings created by Modern Liturgy Visual Arts national award winner, Jefferson Tortorelli. Jeff is a liturgical artist whose work focuses exclusively on pieces used in community worship spaces. He is the recipient of 7 Ministry & Liturgy Visual Art Awards and is also the winner of 2 Design Portfolio Awards by CWB Magazine.

Tortorelli Creations is located in El Monte in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County, right where hard work and traditional values matter most. The company has been named in the Top 100 Wood Furnishing Companies by CWB Magazine. We proudly feature...

  • Custom Church Furniture Design & Build
  • Complete Pew Restoration & Refinishing
  • Chancel Furniture Renovations & Remodeling

When you commission us for your San Jose church furniture project, you can rest assured that we will work hard to surpass your expectations. From the initial design phase, during production, and throughout delivery and installation, we will show continuous passion and desire to deliver your vision to your worship space.

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From concept to completion, we are heavily invested emotionally and spiritually in each piece.

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We design and create custom hand-crafted liturgical furnishings

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Our unique creations are specific to your worship space

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Both the design and fabrication processes are done in-house



Tortorelli Creations, was founded by Modern Liturgy Visual Arts national award winner, Jefferson Tortorelli.

Jeff is a liturgical artist whose work focuses exclusively on pieces used in community worship spaces. Jeff’s grandfather was a master carpenter and his father a master machinist. These two people both had a special relationship with wood and metal. They had the knowledge and the touch to work them into beautiful pieces of art. From them, Jeff developed the love and the skills to create. More importantly, they taught him, “If you can create something in your mind, you can create that piece with the most fitting medium.” At the age of five, he built his first bookcase, and the journey of a lifetime began. His designs are executed in wood, metal and stone. Age-old techniques of joinery are employed – eliminating the need for glue or mechanical fasteners. All finishes are a special blend of oils developed centuries ago, which invite the touch of your hand.

When Jeff is commissioned to create a piece of liturgical art for a community, he studies the physical site, the parish community, and searches out the stories and feelings behind both. His liturgical art is unique in that he is able to create pieces that have spiritual meaning – a Presider’s chair can be welcoming, and an Ambo that will convey the feeling of strength found in the Word of God. Jeff maintains his studio in El Monte, California.

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We endeavor to design San Jose church furniture that is unique to your community, corporation or worship space. In the case of a corporation, we follow the design direction of the ownership/designers. In the designing for worship communities, we incorporate your stories of faith and traditions.

We begin the process by discussions with the person or committee charged with design selection and approval. From these initial discussions, you are provided with renderings showing the design line we think addresses your desires and ideas.

These three dimensional renderings are extremely helpful as you will view the furnishings as they would look in real life.

With your input and review of the initial designs, we are able to proceed in a timely fashion with revisions that address any changes or ideas that you may have. We firmly believe that the more involved our clients are in the design process, the more relevance your furnishings will possess.

We strive to design and build pieces that will be all inclusive and functional for worshippers of all ages and abilities.


Our shop has machinery and equipment that can be used in the fabrication of metal, wood and stone.

Our design process in combination with our shop capabilities ensures that your pieces are done correctly from the drawing board all the way through the actual crafting and fabrication.

The unique blend of old world techniques with state of the art machinery enables us to provide the highest level of craftsmanship on all our San Jose church furniture projects, and provide them at reasonable cost to our clients.

We are experienced in designing and creating with many different types of material, i.e., wood, metal, stone, acrylics, glass.

We have successfully designed and produced one of the few ambos/podiums that is compliant with the American Disabilities Act and allows full access by a person in a wheelchair.

Both the design and fabrication processes are done in-house. This allows us full control over production schedules, budget constraints and delivery times. We demand our personnel to have great passion and desire when they work. We strive to create the finest furnishings available in this country.



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