Shop Capabilities


Our shop has machinery and equipment that can be used in the fabrication of metal, wood and stone.

Our design process in combination with our shop capabilities ensures that your pieces are done correctly from the drawing board all the way through the actual crafting and fabrication.

The unique blend of old world techniques with state of the art machinery enables us to provide the highest level of craftsmanship at reasonable cost to our clients and should fit in to everyone’s budget.

We are experienced in designing and creating with many different types of material, i.e., wood, metal, stone, acrylics, glass.

We have successfully designed and produced one of the few ambos/podiums that is compliant with the American Disabilities Act and allows full access by a person in a wheelchair.

Both the design and fabrication processes are done in-house. This allows us full control over production schedules, budget constraints and delivery times. We demand our personnel to have great passion and desire when they work. We strive to create the finest furnishings available in this country.